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I'm Peter Rowell, AKA TechBuddy, and I'm now fully retired. I'm still doing tech stuff to keep myself busy and out of Maria's hair.

Below are some of my current projects.

Avoiding being scammed

One of my more important current projects is to try and boil down the complicated subject of computer and information security. Too many people, many of them senior citizens, are being scammed by people who do not care about the havoc they wreak on other people's lives.

I have 3 pages that address different audiences. Pick those that seem to apply most to you and your situation.

  1. Advice for Seniors on Avoiding Scammers
  2. Helping your Parents Avoid Scammers
  3. Detailed Rules for Securing Your Data

I'm back working on 2 projects. They are advancing, but slowly ... slowly.
  • Measuring and monitoring well depth and water usage. The proto-website is at www.waterunderground.net. Our alpha-1 site (me) will start testing before the end of July! (Year unspecified)
  • The Racoona 3000! A cat door for the ages ... which is how long I've been working on it. Still, there is progress. I'll do a page / site on it when it's a little farther along.

A few pages from my old site have been left up because people have found them useful. This particularly applies to my article on Troubleshooting the Kenmore Elite Electric Dryer, Model 110 63932101, which has a surprising number of fans out there.

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